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How To Determine If Your New Neighborhood Is Safe 


A neighborhood’s security should be an absolute priority when selecting your dream home. It is crucial to research to make sure you feel secure in your new area. Before you buy your new home, you’ll want to try to eliminate as many dangers as possible. Try these tips to ensure your comfort and safety. 

Take A Walk or Drive Around The Area 

By driving or walking, you can feel the environment and a sense of what it provides. Some attributes a safe neighborhood would apply are 

-Local Business: Does your community have family-owned restaurants, ice cream shops, and bookstores? Money spent in the neighborhood is a great sign of prosperity. When people are or feel secure financially, they are often more likely to help the community grow and thrive. 

-Neighborhood Watch Groups: If your new locale has a neighborhood watch group, it shows the pride and pleasure the people take in the community. Most of the time, a small group of people will take the initiative to start it up to protect the neighborhood and report any suspicious activity. 

-Local events: Whether there are farmer’s markets or block parties, community events are a near-perfect way to bring families together. The more active and engaged in the area is, the safer you’ll feel living there. 

Use A Crime-Mapping Service

Sites like SpotCrime and CrimeReports collect crime reports and police information. You can simply type the address of your dream home and review all reported crimes in that area. These sites break down the types of crime committed and the dates they were committed. A good tip is to compare this crime rate to surrounding areas or neighborhood crime rates. It’s also important to keep in mind that these crimes may or may not paint out the entire neighborhood’s picture. In a smaller community, crime rates may rise due to the small number of people living in that area. 

Connect With People Who Currently Live There

 One of the best and most effective ways to research a neighborhood is to connect with those who live in that area. Your future neighbors will have the best information and insight on what goes on in that community. This strategy is not only good for determining safety, but if this neighborhood truly fits your lifestyle. You typically wouldn’t want a neighbor who sings late at night with a garage band. 

It may feel awkward or intimidating, but knocking on your new neighbor’s door can be very favorable. You want to be comfortable with these people and have them be comfortable with you to live safely and happily in your neighborhood. What may be gossip, could be handy to get a good insight into the safety of the neighborhood.

The security of your neighborhood should be a great priority when selecting your brand new dream home. Do a bit of research and spend some time in your neighborhood before continuing your purchase. It will help you with understanding the safety of the community and if you fit in. Buying a new home is a great commitment and you want to make sure you are making the best decisions you can.

Home Inspection

How Do I find the Best Home Inspectors in my area?

Home inspections are an integral part of the process of buying a house. Finding the right person or company for this job is not that simple, as there are multiple factors to be considered. When on a quest for finding anything you should first understand completely what you are looking for, only then you can be sure that you have found it when you do.

Finding just any home inspector is not difficult at all. You can visit the website for the American Society of Home Inspectors and find out how many home inspectors are there in your area. But finding the “Best” home inspector for you, well, that takes effort, experience, and various deliberations.

Although friends and colleagues who recently bought homes are also a good source of recommendations, a solid first step on this journey can be taken most conveniently by the assistance of your real estate agent. Your agent is likely to give you the names of one or more home inspectors, and that’s an excellent place to start. Call and interview those inspectors, look at their websites, check out their profiles and when evaluating for the best, consider the following most important points :

Experience & Authenticity

Selecting someone who has years of experience and is a part of a professional organization, doesn’t warranty quality, but it does indicate a level of professionalism. You should ask an inspector about the experience and certifications or memberships of any professional groups and get copies of license and insurance.


Though you can inquire inspectors directly for references, it’s better to check online reviews as they are more dependable.

Disclaimer & Fine Print

Though fundamental checklists are the same for almost all home inspectors, you should ask what is included and what is not beforehand. In snow, for example, the roof, deck, patio, driveway, and other exterior features can’t be adequately inspected.

Specials & Extras

You should ask the inspector if additional inspections are possible and what are the fees for them.

Inclusive Attitude

Choose an inspector who wants you around during the entire inspection and has no objection if you call your own electrician to tag along.


A good home inspector should have their reports displayed publicly, if not, ask for one. A good report should identify the defect, include its photo, explain why it matters, and suggest what should be done to fix it.


Before you hire an inspector, ask how long after the inspection, it will take to get the report. The timing is essential because most contracts include an inspection deadline.

Inspectors don’t tell you whether you should purchase a property or not as their job is to evaluate only if it’s safe enough. They look for things that are weak, unsafe, near expiry, or not functioning correctly and are unlikely to give you specific estimates for repairs, but usually, advice on whether a repair will be a large or a small job. The final report influences negotiations and a casual home inspection can jeopardize a deal altogether.

Author: Chief Inspector

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The Importance of Dealing With a Professional When Selling Your Home

If you either want to buy a new home or sell one that you own, you could probably make the sale on your own. You can sell it to a friend or relative and still get paid. However, you would have missed out on a ready market that would have paid a better price for the home. This is simply because you were not aware of the market out there that is willing to pay more than you got for the property.

Real estate agents provide professional service for you if you have a house for sale. They are exposed to a vast market that is willing to pay any amount to purchase the home from you. Their professional services are also ideal because they will be with you until the buyer makes the final payment for the house.

What real estate agents do

As a homeowner seeking to sell their home, navigating the market might not be the easiest task. You will have quite a several challenges coming your way especially if you are not a professional nor are you experienced in this sector. One reason is probably that you might not be able to realize the best time of the year that you can put your house up for sale in Chattanooga and get the best price for its sale.

You should be aware that the market reacts differently during different times of the year when it comes to purchasing a new home. This is probably why there is stiff competition at some point of the year than during another point of the year. If you do not have a few tricks up your sleeve to help you make a good sale for your home, you might have to offload it at a much lower price than it should go for.

Professional real estate agents in Chattanooga are skilled and experienced when it comes to selling homes. They can do this even if you are desperate and would want to sell the home during an off-peak season so that you can cover an expense such as medical bills for a loved one. Professional real estate agents can take advantage of the market during whatever season of the year and will make a sale for your new home. They guarantee that their expertise will ensure that both you and their firm win after the buyer pays for the new home. You should seek their services whenever you want to sell such property!

Bottom line

All in all, professional real estate services in Chattanooga provide you with the best services that will get you a fair price for your home. They will list your home among the homes for sale and would use their expertise combined with their experience to sell the home to a ready market. The best thing here is that you would get to sell the home at a far much higher price than you thought it could go for.

Author: Nicole Anthony

Home Inspection Real Estate

How to Reduce the Home Price After the Home Inspection

In the process of finding a house for sale, usually, when the seller agrees to an offer, the buyer orders a home inspection to get to know the actual condition of the property. Since, as a buyer, you are supposed to pay for the home inspection, and it is your right to make sure that everything from the entrance door to the roof, walls, floor, kitchen, and washrooms are in optimum working condition, you also have the leverage to ask for discounts from the seller if the inspection report shows severe damages.

It is perfectly normal for any used house to have some defects and shortcomings when examined by a professional home inspector. If any severe damages are potentially a safety hazard, like leakages, breakages, termites, etc., it is in seller’s interest to solve these issues as the mortgage lender may reject your application based on such a home inspection report, and the whole deal can fall out. In this scenario, it is the responsibility of a good professional real estate agent to get maximum benefit to the buyer by negotiating wisely with the seller or their agent. Usually, the process involves hiring the best local company that does house repairs and get a quote from them on all essential improvements pointed out in the report by the home inspector.

This negotiation that aims to get a monetary concession from the seller’s side has Three possible primary outcomes: Either the seller fixes the repairs or the buyer fixes them and gets paid from the seller, or the seller reduces the price of the house to compensate for repairs. Again, the best possibility can be chosen only after carefully evaluating the terms of the agreement, the home inspection report, and the situation on-ground. The best person to deal with this situation on your behalf is your real estate agent. They have the depth of experience one requires, as they deal with similar issues regularly. Your agent can guide you to choose from the best of these paths in a manner that benefits you most in terms of finance.

Remember, the seller never agrees to all repairs as most of them are either not of an urgent nature or do not pose any imminent structural danger to the building. Therefore always expect a compromised solution to this price reduction negotiation. If the possession date is near, it is in the interest of the seller to accommodate the cost for repairs in the house price and save the hassle. If the discount or cash-back is enough, this may also be a sweet deal for you. On the other hand, if there is no urgency, the sellers can agree to do the repairs on their own, which is a more beneficial option as they would control the cost. If you, as a buyer, take on the challenge of repairs, you can hire the best professional repair company, which would obviously cost more and hence not a favorable option for the seller. Whatever mode you choose for the implementation of the house inspection report to reduce the price of the home, try to keep the negotiation as fair as possible, otherwise it can, in some cases, lead to a fall out of the whole deal and you would have to start fresh looking at other homes for sale.

Article by: Desmond Thornton

Internet Marketing

How is the Effectiveness of an Online Campaign Measured

In the world of digital marketing there are terms that you will constantly come across. Know its meaning and proper handling to ensure efficient and profitable advertising with .

The campaigns of online marketing are often more effective than other traditional means since you are paying only for results. But how is your profitability measured? Here are some terms you should familiarize yourself with when measuring the effectiveness of your online strategy.

Stands for “Cost per Click ” ( Cost Per Click in English). The cost per click on is the price an advertiser pays each time a user clicks on your ad. It is an incomparable advantage over other advertising modalities, since you are only paying for the effective result of your campaign.

On some content networks, the cost of a click can vary depending on the time of year or time of day, so with the same $ 2,000,000, you can get 1,000,000 or 500,000 clicks, depending on the time (model of the auction).

At , on the other hand, the CPC does not vary according to the season, but you can buy fixed-click packages ranging from $ 120,000 plus VAT. The higher the amount of the package you buy, the lower the CPC, which translates into more clicks for your campaign.

Find here the rates of

Some content networks charge a “ Cost Per Impression”. Under this modality, you pay every time your ad appears on the screen of a navigator (one appearance = one impression).

The problem with CPI is that the user may not click on your ad and you will still be charged for having appeared. There is also the term CPM (Cost per Thousand) which is the grouping of a thousand impressions. It is a way of staggering printing costs.

But definitely the ideal model for online advertising is CPC-based advertising, as in , since the cost corresponds to the number of visits you are generating thanks to your ad.

See more in CPM: Cost per Thousand vs. Cost per Click: CPC

There is an indicator for measuring the success of a campaign of online advertising based on CPC. It is the ratio of clicks or CTR ( Click Through Ratio ). It is obtained by multiplying the number of clicks on an ad by 100 and dividing it by the number of times it has appeared (impressions):

CTR = Number of Clicks x 100 / Number of impressions .

A CTR can vary depending on the type of campaign that is carried out, as well as the products that are managed. In content networks a good CTR is around 0.02%.

An advertising campaign is first and foremost an investment. The key is to know if said investment is making profits or losses. This is called a Return On Investment. There is a simple formula to calculate this value:

ROI = (profit obtained – investment) / investment

The investment corresponds to the money that you invested in the campaign and the profit obtained, to the money that you earned thanks to it. If after launching your campaign you increase your sales by 10%, that is your profit. The ROI value is expressed as a percentage.

At you have a team of advisers who can give you more information about these and other elements that allow you to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. Learn about the benefits of content networks for your advertising budget.

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Internet Marketing

Do you know the importance of Landing Pages in your digital marketing campaign?

Do not disappoint your customers: a good landing page is an ally of your marketing campaigns and is essential to make an effective Internet sale. Learn here the minimum to take into account when creating one.

The ultimate goal of ads posted on content networks like is to motivate the user to click. But what happens after that? Where are you taking your customers once they have become interested in you?

A common mistake is to direct the user to the home page of their portal. Could it be that a customer, who is hoping to find the best place to buy a product or purchase a new service as quickly as possible, has time to navigate throughout their portal? The answer, of course, is no.

To respond to the impatience of your clients, there is a very versatile and effective tool, known as the Landing Page or Landing Page. As its name indicates, it consists of a page designed to receive people interested in your ad.

What is a landing page?

It is something like your “salesroom”, where you receive your interested buyers in a site that quickly shows them the advantages of the product or service and, above all, captures your main data so that you can manage a personalized sale later.

But be careful: if this “salesroom” is messy or does not allow quick customer service, it can cause a buyer to abandon. In this aspect, we come to handle a very important term for you. These are the conversions, that is, the customers who clicked on your ad and who once on the landing page were motivated to fill out their contact form. In other words, in digital language a conversion is a person really interested in you contacting them. The objective, then, is to achieve the highest number of conversions possible.

How to build the ideal landing page?

First of all, design a different landing page for each campaign you have published on the portal network, since the user must always know that they have reached the place that was promised in the ad. Having multiple landing pages will also allow you to more accurately measure the success of your campaign, since your clients will not be registering in the same space, but will be segmented. This way you will have more elements to know which campaign is working best for you.
Imagine that your SME sells flowers and is running a digital campaign for Mother’s Day. This would be the ideal structure for your Landing Page:

  • nice design, according to the product you are selling. Remember that the visual aspect is essential when it comes to “selling” a corporate image.
  • An eye-catching title, with a clear response to the customer’s need, that invites action (eg: “Buy the Best Gift for Mother’s Day here”).
  • A subtitle that presents your product or service (Ex: “With the most exotic flowers in Colombia and the World”.)
  • A very specific paragraph explaining your product (Eg: “We offer 8 varieties of orchids, from $ 15,000. The best gift for mothers on their day”).
  • If applicable, add a photo and a brief profile of the businessman or star behind the business (eg: “Served by Silvana Torres, one of the best flower production entrepreneurs in Colombia. Winner of the 2009” Pyme Leaders “award).
  • If you have photos or videos of your company or product, include them. Make sure they are of good quality and optimized for the web; Don’t make the mistake of posting too heavy videos or photos that never load in the end.
  • Above all, a form. This is the most important element of a landing page, since the entire strategy focuses on capturing customer data. The fewer boxes you have, the better. Limit yourself to the most important ones. For the user, the form must be simple enough so that they do not feel lazy to leave their data (Ex: Names and surnames, telephone, Email).
  • As a bonus, it is advisable to include a “mint”, as a prize, in exchange for leaving your information. It can be a promotional discount or some type of downloadable file (Ex: “Leave us your information and get a 15% discount on the purchase of packages of more than 20 flowers” …).
  • It is also advisable to have a Thank You Page or thank you page, which only appears after registering the data. (Example: “Thank you for registering your information, your mother will also thank you. Present this code to any of our sellers and claim your 15% discount”).

For a better understanding, this is a graph of the ideal customer purchase process:

Converted customer, who is shown the Thank You Page with what was promised.

There are many tools to measure the effectiveness of a landing page. In this article, you can find some of them. Its strategy of guideline in content networks is encompassed in attracting the maximum number of users to your landingBut it is up to you that that potential customer does not end up disappointed. Get to work and start giving your digital “salesroom” more possibilities.

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