Home Inspection

How Do I find the Best Home Inspectors in my area?

Home inspections are an integral part of the process of buying a house. Finding the right person or company for this job is not that simple, as there are multiple factors to be considered. When on a quest for finding anything you should first understand completely what you are looking for, only then you can be sure that you have found it when you do.

Finding just any home inspector is not difficult at all. You can visit the website for the American Society of Home Inspectors and find out how many home inspectors are there in your area. But finding the “Best” home inspector for you, well, that takes effort, experience, and various deliberations.

Although friends and colleagues who recently bought homes are also a good source of recommendations, a solid first step on this journey can be taken most conveniently by the assistance of your real estate agent. Your agent is likely to give you the names of one or more home inspectors, and that’s an excellent place to start. Call and interview those inspectors, look at their websites, check out their profiles and when evaluating for the best, consider the following most important points :

Experience & Authenticity

Selecting someone who has years of experience and is a part of a professional organization, doesn’t warranty quality, but it does indicate a level of professionalism. You should ask an inspector about the experience and certifications or memberships of any professional groups and get copies of license and insurance.


Though you can inquire inspectors directly for references, it’s better to check online reviews as they are more dependable.

Disclaimer & Fine Print

Though fundamental checklists are the same for almost all home inspectors, you should ask what is included and what is not beforehand. In snow, for example, the roof, deck, patio, driveway, and other exterior features can’t be adequately inspected.

Specials & Extras

You should ask the inspector if additional inspections are possible and what are the fees for them.

Inclusive Attitude

Choose an inspector who wants you around during the entire inspection and has no objection if you call your own electrician to tag along.


A good home inspector should have their reports displayed publicly, if not, ask for one. A good report should identify the defect, include its photo, explain why it matters, and suggest what should be done to fix it.


Before you hire an inspector, ask how long after the inspection, it will take to get the report. The timing is essential because most contracts include an inspection deadline.

Inspectors don’t tell you whether you should purchase a property or not as their job is to evaluate only if it’s safe enough. They look for things that are weak, unsafe, near expiry, or not functioning correctly and are unlikely to give you specific estimates for repairs, but usually, advice on whether a repair will be a large or a small job. The final report influences negotiations and a casual home inspection can jeopardize a deal altogether.

Author: Chief Inspector